“…the only competition of its kind at SSE.”

The Guldräven Competition


Guldräven is an annual business idea competition at Stockholm School of Economics since 2002. Its aim is to tribute, highlight and help the successful entrepreneurs at the school.

Participation in the competition gives the chance to pitch the business idea to a jury consisting of experienced business leaders and professional investors in the pursuit of winning the prestigious title of Guldräven 2018 and a great prize.

Former winners are Klarna, Buildsafe and Deo Doc among others. May the best business idea win!


In addition to the prestigious title of Guldräven 2018 the winner will also get a great prize consisting of:

  • 3 months access to the Launch Room at SSE Business Lab
  • Coaching from the jury
  • 10 000 SEK and financial advice from J12



1. Fill and send in an application form.

2. The pre-jury will judge the business ideas based on the application forms that has been sent in and select top 10.

3. The brains behind the top 10 ideas will get the opportunity to pitch in front of the Guldräven jury 2018 and get interviewed. The Guldräven jury will then decide top 4 and a winner among them.

4. Top 4 will pitch in front of the audience at the Guldrävengala 2018 and later during the night the winner will be announced.










Lars Strannegård

Lars Strannegård

President of Stockholm School of Economics.


Aurore Belfrage

Aurore Belfrage

Co-founder EQT Ventures

Aurore Belfrage has worked within different segments such as marketing, digital development and entrepreneurship. Working in different countries, such as England, Turkey and the czech Republic she has experienced a wide range of working environments in different cultures. Right now, Belfrage is working at EQT Ventures, where she is a co-founder.

Stefan Lennhammer

Stefan Lennhammer


Stefan Lennhammer has been a founder and CFO for Catella and Stronghold invest until 2004 when he sold his part in Catella and started as an investor. From 2004 when he started to invest until 2010 he was mostly investing in the property sector. He has changed focus to tech companies as he invested in Truecaller, Jojka, Vionlab among others.

Jane Walerud

Jane Walerud


Jane was the first person who invested in Klarna after they won Guldräven in 2004. Her career background starts in the late 1990s, Jane Walerud worked with Ericssons proprietary programming language Erlang. After the release 1998 language, she and some co-workers left the telecom giant to found the company Bluetail. The business idea was inspired from Erlang. Already after 18 months it was sold for a very big amount of money. Then when she started as an investor. Since then, Jane Walerud has invested in a number of successful companies, including Lensway (NTL), Klarna (NTL) and Tobii (NTL).

Pia Engholm

Pia Engholm


Pia Engholm is an alumni from Stockholm School of Economics. She has a background as a super entrepreneur, she has started and operated companies in education, consulting and medical technology / sales. She has long experience of leading companies from start to established business, mostly focusing on export-driven sales. Pia has also been active in the latest years as an investor and board member, and is primarily focused on companies in medical technology, simulation and robotics.

Previous Winners

2012: Klarna

Klarna or Kreditor Europe AB as it was called then was the winner of Guldräven 2004. The three founders, Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Niklas Adalberth and Victor Jacobsson participated with the idea of making e-commerce easier and safer for consumers and e-dealers. The founders was very keen in the idea and they decided to start the company under the name Kreditor Europe AB, using SSE Business Lab, an incubator for newly founded companies at Stockholm School of Economics.

2013: Deodoc

Pioneers in the intimate hygiene space, DeoDoc has created a major attention and hype. The sisters have succeeded to revolutionize a whole industry by creating the products they themselves wanted to see on the market and are setting out to deliver superior solutions, developed by doctors, within the intimate skin care category.

If you were to give a couple of tips to future entrepreneurs at SSE, what would it be?
1. Believe in yourself. Without this aspect, you have nothing. If you do not have faith in yourself, no one else will believe in you. However, faith is not enough; hard work is required as well.

2. Do your research. You always have to think of all scenarios from step 1 to 100. Knowing your industry well is vital. Surveys and such require a great deal of effort but gives you a lot more. Give your potential customers of the functions and appearance of your product and observe their responses.

3. If entrepreneurship is your passion in life – JUST DO IT!

4. Negotiation is KEY. Do not settle for a high price just because the business of the bidder is bigger than yours. Cut the offers in half.

5. Being patient. This is difficult, especially since you will not take out any salary for a few months. However, it is most certainly worth it.

2014: GameQ
2015: Buildsafe

BuildSafe is a service for the construction industry, aiming to create more secure and effective projects. The service mainly consists of two parts: partially a mobile safety tool used by workers out on the field, and partially a platform making it possible to detect risks fast. One third, smaller part of BuildSafe, entails delivering statistics.

What is the most important thing a future entrepreneur should have in mind before starting?
Finding a good team! Also, it is important that you realize that the central purpose of finding a good team is not only about possessing complementing qualities. The most important is that all individuals have the same goal.

2016: Movinn
2017: Foodiebag

“Vi vill förenkla för människor att laga och äta mer kvalitativ mat och därmed göra fler måltider till verkliga upplevelser. Tillsammans med våra kockvänner från några av Stockholms bästa restauranger har vi därför valt ut ett antal favoriträtter och gjort det möjligt att få dem förberedda och hemskickade till dig. Så att du smidigt och snabbt kan tillaga maten själv, när du vill, utan att tumma på kvaliteten.”




The Guldräven Gala is truly a night to remember. All the entrepreneurs at SSE gather for celebration and inspiration together with other successful entrepreneurs from the startup world. You can come as an audience or participant to enjoy a night filled of inspiration and glamour.

More information is coming up soon.