Breeding the next generation of unicorns at SSE

Entrepreneurship Society (ES) is part of the Business Committee within the Student Association at Stockholm School of Economics


Initiate is a series of inspirational lectures by entrepreneurs to inspire SSE students to entrepreneurship.


Guldräven is a competition where SSE students and alumnis pitch their business ideas in front of a prestigious jury in the hopes of collecting the honor and prize. Guldräven includes a full daystartup fair and ends with a banquet.


Entrepreneurial Spring Week, gives SSE student the opportunity of a week-long internship at a startup in Stockholm. 

Part of the Student Association at SSE (SASSE)

Breeding unicorns? This is ES.

The main purpose of Entrepreneurship Society is to link SASSE projects within the nature of entrepreneurship together. With this we aim to raise the interest for entrepreneurship and innovation among the students at the Stockholm School of Economics.

CEO | Henrik Schröder |
COO | Emil Erne |
CVO | Linn Jansson |
CMO | Astrid Viktorsson|

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Our Partners


Daniel Redgert

PR-pro and founder of Redgert Comms

Jacob de Geer

Founder and CEO of of iZettle

Elsa Bernadotte

Co-founder of Karma and SSE Alumni

Joel Hellermark

CEO and founder of Sana Labs

Luca Banderet

Co-founder of J12 Ventures and SSE Alumni

Mattias Magnusson / Mikael Schiller

CEO and Executive chairman of Acne

Jonathan Hirschfeld

CEO and Co-founder of Eytys

Josef Fallesen

Founder of Businesspodden

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