1. Create a PDF document (maximum 2 pages) and describe your company. Make sure to answer following things.

The name of the business idea
The idea in one sentence

Input the following information for everyone in your team:
– Name
– Telephone
– E-mail
– Program and current semester
– Registration number

Shortly about the brains behind the idea
Who are the people behind the idea and how did you come up with the idea?

The problem and the solution
Explain the problem you are trying to solve and how you are going to solve it.

Customer and customer value
Who is the customer and what is the added value of the idea to the customer?

Market and advantages
What is the size of the total addressable market? What makes your solution special on that market?

The business model
How are you planning to make money?

2. Send in your application through the form.



Your PDF-file